Exercise your mind and body.

We kick-start the day with a nice morning walk. By choosing a different route each day, we offer our guests an interesting variety that never gets boring. You can visit the flamingo lake or admire the stunning panoramic views of the sea and the cliffs. You can systematically increase the length of the walks, as well as the level of your sports programme. Vila Mimosa also considers everyone’s personal fitness level. We often divide our walks in two groups, but it is up to you to decide which group you join.

Before lunch, you can participate in our Bodyshape class, which is a full body workout. In the afternoon, we organize aqua jogging in our on-site swimming pool, a fun way to burn fat and build muscle mass without straining the joints. And at night, it is time to relax with a yoga class or Relaxercise. When the weather allows, we head out on the roof terrace, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings whilst exercising.

Yoga & Stretch.

Do you sometimes wake up sluggish, painful and full of tension? This is often caused by being less physically active during the day or having worked on a laptop for a long time. In Vila Mimosa you start the day with a delicious morning stretch.

At the end of the day, Vila Mimosa offers its guests a session of yoga or relaxercise. This is the ideal way to unwind and get inspired to give yourself completely during this detox holiday. After the session you will undoubtedly feel better and you will have a good night’s sleep.

The Walks.

In the early dawn hours, you can enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea whilst awaiting your daily blood pressure check. When the checks are finished, we stretch our bodies and start our hike around the area.
We will choose a different route every day. You’ll start to feel like an authentic sheep herder as you cross the local pasture. Our “pink route” treats our guests to the stunning sight of a flamingo colony, and the “bridge trail” will lead us through a beautiful Algarve nature reserve. Do you feel like breaking a sweat? Sometimes we climb the cliffs, or enjoy the feeling of the sand between our toes on the beach.

Strengthen Muscles.

After breakfast, we offer aerobics, BBB, Pilates or Bodyshape. More than just a pleasant pastime, these sessions are also great for building muscle. By keeping active during fasting, the body will pull the necessary proteins for energy from your fat reserves, instead of from the muscles.

Aqua Jogging.

Those who love water will be in their element during our aqua jogging class each afternoon. Aqua jogging is a form of fitness training where you run in the water with an aqua jogging belt (“wet belt”) keeping you upright in the water. Since there is no contact with the floor, this is an impact-free workout that won’t strain the joints. Add some nice tunes, a couple of fun games and a motivational instructor for a guaranteed success!