The fact that everyone (yes, you too!) Benefits from a cleanse, we can no longer doubt. The only question is: how do you know when your body gives signals that it is time for a detox? We list 7 for you!

A thumping head is nothing new to you

Do you sometimes suffer from headaches and you have no idea why this is exactly? Unhealthy food, alcohol, stress … All kinds of different factors that can cause too many toxins in your body. Hello annoying, throbbing feeling in your head.

Digestive problems are a daily occurrence

Constipation, diarrhea or bloating? Your body is trying to tell you something! Your entire health starts from your intestines, so it is logical that a thorough cleaning is sometimes more than necessary.

Your skin is anything but flawless

Our skin ensures that waste products (through sweating) can leave our body. The more toxins your body has to get rid of, the more often your skin will have a hard time. Acne, rash or dry patches are often the result of this imbalance in your body!

Energy level? 0.0

Fatigue that keeps on going can be a clear signal from your body. Stress, chronic or dormant inflammation or too high a level of toxins can cause the functioning between your brain and adrenal glands to be on the back burner.

You struggle with your weight

Not happy with the number on the scale? It is often not as simple as “eating healthier” and “exercising more”. The more bad bacteria take over in your body, the faster this can lead to problems with your metabolism.

You are not aware of a healthy night’s sleep

Did you know that toxins can also cause you to count too many sheep before you sleep? When there are toxins in your bloodstream, they negatively affect the substances that promote your sleep.

The hormones are out of balance

Typical ailments that we can link to hormones (just think of fatigue, low libido, mood swings and problems with your weight) are directly related to an increased number of toxins in your body.

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