Tested: cleaning your bowels with epsom salt

What is it?

Bitter salt is also known under the name magnesium sulphate (a magnesium salt of sulphuric acid). The less used names are English salt or epsom salt. It has surprisingly many health benefits.

The history of bittersalt

This miracle salt was discovered in the British town of Epsom during the seventeenth century. The first people who started using it did not yet know exactly why it was so beneficial. Yet they were immediately sold in order to improve the quality of life and prolong the life span. By trying different methods, they came to the conclusion that taking bittersalt on an empty stomach and absorbing it through the skin were the best ways. Slowly but surely it became clear that bittersalt had many more advantages than fighting tissue hardening, kidney disease, rheumatism and obesity. Important to know is that epsom salt has a completely different composition than the common salt on the kitchen table. Secretly, it is also not salt at all, but a naturally occurring mineral compound of sulfur and magnesium. The taste, you can already guess, is also a lot more bitter than ordinary salt.

Why should I start taking bittersalt?

As we said before, bittersalt has a lot of health benefits. How can we explain this? The mineral magnesium binds to a carbonate, not sulfur. This is how harmful substances absorbed and destroyed. External use also ensures that wastes stored in the tissues may be channelled through the skin drained. So it’s certainly a good idea to dispose of a very small amount of to be taken daily. These are the benefits of bittersalt:


  • Serves perfectly as a detox cure because it can loosen deposits from the intestinal wall.
  • Relaxes the bile ducts during a bile and liver flush.
  • Has a laxative effect and ensures that waste products leave the intestine faster.


  • Gets rid of dead skin cells.
  • Softens the hair.
  • Helps with pain symptoms such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis and arthritis.
  • Calms the nervous system and muscles.
  • Ideal during sleep problems and stress-related complaints.

A complete cleansing of your bowels

Stress, fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, muscle aches… Very often we can link complaints to the health of your bowels! An unhealthy diet and a lifestyle with the necessary question marks can cause deposits to settle in your intestine (Google: intestinal snails). An extensive cleanse removes these and ensures a cracked (and healthy!) intestine.

That’s how you take it

Can your bowels use a simple cleaning? We have taken the test ourselves and this distribution per one tablespoon of bittersalt seems best to us: 8h + 13h + 18h.

Do you get the jitters of the dirty taste? Using boiling water with a dash of lemon juice tastes a lot better! It is important that you eat the right things during your intestinal cleansing with epsom salts. A light vegetable soup, boiled or raw vegetables will boost your detox. You should drink 1 litre of warm water or tea in between intakes. On day two, you should definitely take probiotics and put enough fermented food (e.g. yoghurt) on the menu.

Our own experience

Of course, we were curious about the healing effects of bittersalt. So try it! We proceeded as planned above (for about two to three days), including drinking lukewarm tea between ingestions. On the menu were a cup of vegetable stock, boiled carrots, cucumber and tomato. The first sip? We’re going to be very honest. How dirty! The taste is very typical bitter and leaves a bitter aftertaste. The second sip went a lot smoother with the help of boiling water and fresh lemon juice. After an hour you get the feeling that your belly starts “bubbling”, including a lot of noise. Then it’s time for the first toilet visit! First you can expect normal bowel movements, as you see every day.

You think you’re “empty”, but nothing could be further from the truth. After the first phase, it’s normal that you feel a little nauseous. The waste products leave your body! After a while you have to go to the toilet again and your bowel movement is rather fluid, until it seems as if pure water is coming out of you. After this phase it is very important that you hydrate your body enough with water or tea, because you lose a lot of moisture. After your second or third glass, only a few dry and alternately slimy chunks will end up in the toilet bowl, the very last one from your intestine, so to speak. We can hardly describe it, but you feel perfect when you are really “empty”. Make sure you have enough time to lie down in your lazy couch. After a cleanse it makes perfect sense that you feel tired. Last but not least: even if you cleanse your body, during the cleanse we didn’t feel hungry at all.


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