How is it possible that one person experiences a certain situation as profitable, while another person describes the same situation as energy-hungry? That’s because of our personal values! Based on what someone finds important, he interprets and assesses events and that has a great influence on thinking, feeling and doing. What are your personal values? Choose 5 of the following (if it is not listed, you can of course add one)! 

Acceptance, Adventure, Balance, Understanding, Interest, Modesty, Protection, Involvement, Comfort, Competition, Continuity, Creativity, Activity, Deepness, Discretion, Clarity, Sustainability, Authenticity, Simplicity, Honesty, Energy, Recognition, Exclusivity, Flexibility, Hospitality, Security, Equivalence, Enjoyment, Cosiness, Health, Harmony, Humour, Integrity, Intelligence, Intimacy, Youthfulness, Quality, Loyalty, Lightness, Power, Mobility, Accuracy, Independence, Relaxation, Development, Openness, Order, Perfection, Privacy, Justice, Respect, Space, Rest, Togetherness, Solidarity, Tension, Spontaneity, Stability, Status, Transparency, Fidelity, Challenge, Security, Responsibility, Renewal, Trust, Satisfaction, Friendship, Freedom, Appreciation, Heat, Wisdom, Certainty, Self-respect, Independence, Confidence, Self-assurance…

Now put these 5 in order, with number 1 as the most important value.

Now write down 3 experiences of which you say: those were beautiful moments for me.

Which of your top 5 most important values were satisfied?

Now write down 1 negative experience. Look at your top 5 values. Which one did you miss in this?

Describe now your most beautiful positive experience ever

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