Make your own affirmations: the power of belief!

Affirmations are positively formulated sentences that make you feel good and can break the circle of negative thoughts. The more often we pronounce and/or read these positive affirmations, the more powerful they become. Your consciousness will quickly understand. Still, our subconscious needs a little more time, it doesn’t believe everything just like that. By repeating it over and over again, your subconscious will eventually understand and believe. This works with positive thoughts and negative thoughts.

In this assignment you are going to make some personal positive affirmations for yourself. If you make them yourself, they will be so much more powerful! 

Grab a pen and a (large) sheet of paper

1. Draw a circle in the middle and from the circle you draw lines (like the sun and sunbeams).

2. At the end of a ray of sunshine you write a negative thought or behavior of yourself that you want to stop. (write what comes to mind, don’t look for it)

E.g.: I’m insecure, I never succeed, I eat too much candy etc.

3. Now write under every negative thought, the opposite of that thought (positive)

E.g.: I’m insecure -> I can do anything. I’ll never succeed anyway -> I can do this, etc…

# Always start with ‘I’ and write in the present tense, in the now

# Avoid negative words like not, never, no, on (e.g.: I won’t eat candy anymore is more negative than positive, you may be able to turn in: I choose to eat healthy food)

4. Now choose for yourself from these the 4 most powerful for yourself

5. Choose how you can show this to yourself every day.

# Write in a notebook on your bedside table so you can say this to yourself every morning or every night /paste a post-it in a place you often come to (fridge, car, on calendar)

TIP! If you say them out loud to yourself every day (looking at yourself in the mirror), it works more powerfully.

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