What about your self-love? I’m sure we don’t say “I love you” to ourselves often enough. The more we love ourselves, the better we can relax and put our ‘inferior’ sides into perspective. This in return has a positive influence on the outside world (think of relationships and friendships). Accepting yourself and really loving yourself? With these exercises you can do it!

Write down 3 things you are proud of (of yourself). It is not a must that these are big things, you can also be very proud of the fact that every day you take the time to send your best friend a text. Don’t just write down what you feel, but also how you feel about it. Try to remind yourself of these three things every day, after 21 days something can penetrate into your subconscious.  

Align with yourself? Then the shamanic method ‘Ho’oponopono’ might be for you. By saying a few simple sentences, you make contact with the subconscious and the routines and ways of thinking in the subconscious are loosened. It’s all about these sentences:

  • I love you
  • Thank you
  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me

If there is a problem, say the phrase that applies most to you. Fear and/or annoyance make way for (self) love and harmony. The positive energy from outside can penetrate into the consciousness, in order to get rid of negative experiences or thoughts. Want to know more about this technique? Then be sure to put the book ‘The healing power of Ho’oponopono’ by Luc Bodin on your book list!

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