Your equity depends on how much energy you have, how much you spend and how much energy you receive.

  1. Fill in the ‘investment’ column with points between 0 and 100. Assign the points to investment in time (both thinking and doing). The more time, the more points and vice versa.  
  2. Cover the column with a paper and fill in the column ‘yield’ with points between 0 and 100. Does this item give you energy (if so, how much) or not. The more energy it gives you, the more points you give it. 
InvestmentTopicsYieldLoss or Profit
 Media /Social Media  
Total:515 Total:500Total:-15

Divide the energy loss or gain by the total investment x 100. For example: 15:515×100= 2.9% loss. Take a look at this topic in the column below: 

Red areaOrange / yellow areaGreen area
20% loss20% loss20% profit
more than 20% lossup to 20% profitmore than 20% profit

Red area: You’re using up your level of ‘equity’. More goes out than comes in. 

Orange/yellow Area: Stay alert! Find the right balance between load and power.

Green area: Right now you’re filling up the level of ‘equity’. Your load-bearing capacity and strength are in good relation to each other. Keep up the good work!

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