Protecting your resistance as best we can, we can’t emphasize it enough. What you can try to protect your body from the coronavirus? Supplementation with vitamin D!

Why is vitamin D so important right now?

Scientific research shows that this vitamin has strong antiviral properties. In human language, this means that a stable vitamin D balance can increase your body’s defence against viruses. This sunny vitamin prevents the development of viruses, has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens our natural protective function.

Supplementation is definitely worth a try at the time of the coronavirus. Indirect indications show that sufficient vitamin D in the body can optimize the course of a viral infection with corona. What can we say with certainty? The vitamin is beneficial for your resistance! Supplementation with this vitamin is especially recommended for people over 50 years of age.    

The extra benefits of this vitamin

Not only for your resistance, this much-needed vitamin can do wonders. Normal cell division (which in turn has an impact on your immune system), optimal muscle functioning and digestion are due to the functioning in our body.

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