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Juice fasting and mild fasting

The benefits of fasting

A homemade biscuit or a refreshing soda… temptingly delicious. But do you ever consider what the effect of these snacks are on your body? If you constantly eat unnecessary food, the body will suffer. Therefore, we can all benefit from a break from our daily eating habits.

Consider fasting a necessary holiday for your tired or overworked body. Release your system from the burden of heavy foods. Recharge your wellbeing from the inside out while combining fasting with exercise. ‘Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within’, said Paracelsus.

Juice fasting or mild fasting

Vitalisé Portugal offers cleanses of 7, 11 or 14 nights. You can choose from juice fasting or mild fasting This will:

  • Relax your digestive system
  • Cleanse and detoxify your body
  • Help you break ‘bad’ eating patterns
  • Increase your mental awareness
  • Lead to a sense of physical lightness
  • Facilitate inner peace

What is juice fasting?

Fasting is more than just not eating for a certain amount of time. If you opt for a juice fast at Vitalisé Portugal, you will drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices and eat a vegetable soup three times a day. These juices contain all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function. By bypassing the need to digest, you will have more energy for other activities.

What is mild fasting?

Mild fasting is a milder form of cleanse that includes several light meals. You can expect a daily healthy breakfast, a light lunch, an afternoon juice and a fresh vegetable soup at night. Our naturalist will carefully select a tailored nutritional programme. Alkaline nutrition such as nuts, seeds, fruits or vegetables form the basis of the programme.

Together, we will fight the excessive acidity of your body. An imbalanced body is more susceptible to bacteria, fungi, viruses and free radicals. These can lead to excess weight, among other things. You will thus benefit from a purifying and slimming effect. Combined with exercise, sauna and massage, the programme ensures a better physical condition, weight loss and a pure, cleansed body.

Boost your energy with fasting

You might wonder: doesn’t food provide our body with energy we need? Digesting, assimilating and our metabolism, all require a lot of energy. We want to provide a new way of thinking to help you understand how the food we eat actually needs energy, and what the alternatives are.

Once you learn how to deal with the detoxification phenomena, you will feel lighter, energized and revived. Your energy will rise and you will need less sleep. You can improve your rational thinking and your concentration. A cleanse at Vila Mimosa will encourage a flexible and rejuvenated lifestyle.

The emotional benefits of fasting

In addition to expelling toxins from your body, a health retreat also has a positive effect on various mental health issues, such as anger, sadness, jealousy and grief. Your mood also has an impact on the condition of your body. Emotions affect your organs and increase wear and tear. An excess of stored toxins can therefore cause physical and psychological complaints. Experience a carefree detox holiday to boost your wellbeing!

Another advantage of fasting at Vila Mimosa is stopping the distractions of daily life’s problems. Your attention will be more focussed on the 'inside'. Even during a short stay, you will learn to listen more to yourself. Push your own 'stop button' and revive your body and mind.

Programme content

We prefer to work with small groups so that we can treat everybody with the necessary personal attention and offer personalized advice. Upon arrival at Vila Mimosa, we like to start your healthy journey with a private consultation. During this introductory session, we will assess your overall health, weight, blood pressure and fat percentage. We will end the retreat with a similar consultation during which we will evaluate your personal results.

To support and encourage our guests to adopt an improved lifestyle, every guest receives a booklet with tips and recipes upon departure. A healthier life starts at Vitalisé and continues at home!

The following exercise classes are organized on a daily basis:

  • Walks in the beautiful surroundings
  • Aquarobics, aqua fitness or aqua jogging
  • BBB, aerobics or pilates
  • Relaxercise or yoga
During the warm summer months, we adjust the programme so that the activities take place during the cooler hours of the day.

The retreat includes:
  • Airport transfers
  • 2 lymphatic drainages
  • 1 massage
  • Daily liver pack
  • 1 detox face mask
  • Free use of saunas, jacuzzi and heated swimming pool
  • one included excursion
  • Delicious farewell dinner

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