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Message from Ineke on 03.11.2020

Thanks to all the lovely staff members for taking care of us!
It was a wonderful week again! See you all next year, take care!

Message from Mark on 03.11.2020

Had a fantastic week. Thank you to all the staff and fellow guests woh made me feel very welcome! Look forward to returning in the future.

Message from Susan and Helouise on 06.08.2020

A super week, wonderful care, feeling good! Thank you Astrid, Filipe, Daniella, Celeste, Karin, Clarissa, Maria and everyone for everything. We will miss this place!

Message from Julie on 24.09.2019

Thank you for your support through my weight loss journey. I stand here today at age 56 fitter and leaner than I have been for over a decade. You have all contributed to getting me here. Thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm. This is a special place. I will be back to maintain!
Lots of love

Message from Becky on 24.09.2019

Thank you so much for a thoroughly relaxing stay. I will most certainly be back! All the best, x

Message from Marian on 24.09.2019

Een fijne week met mooie mensen, behandelinge, relaxen, een goed boek, mooi weer en prachtige fado muziek.
Allemaal heel hartelijk bedankt en wellicht tot ziens.

Message from Edith on 24.09.2019

Het was een bijzondere ervaring meet een mooie groep mensen en een top team. Thanks for all. Work in progress :)

Message from Petra on 24.09.2019

Hier ben ik van opgeknapt! Zowel fysiek als mentaal. Dank!

Message from Jessica on 24.09.2019

Daar was ik weer en wederom heb ik genoten.
Brooke, de voetzoolreflex was fantastisch. Zo jong en al zo kundig. Complimenten.
Daniella, wat een heerlijke massage. Ik heb daarna het beste geslapen van de hele week.
Dr Phill, je bent geweldig, maar je looptempo kan ik niet bijhouden :)
Celeste het was weer super. Ik ben weer een stukje leniger. En..je zou toch een superoma hebben, die zichzelf dubbel kan vouwen. Mijn oma had een bloemetjes jurk en een stok.
Astrid, ja, wat moet ik zeggen...je luisterend oor, je adviezen. Blijf vooral zo doorgaan. Dan blijf ik terugkomen. En al die anderen die ik niet gesproken heb, bedankt voor het zorgen voor een geweldige week.
Ooo en dan vergeet ik het enthousiasme van Clarissa nog. Je bent een heerlijk mens. Geweldig hoe je Peter hebt geholpen met zijn dans.
En de allerliefste wekker ooit. Karin bedankt.
Als ik nog iemand vergeten ben, dan is dat de detox.

Dikke kus.

Message from Miranda on 30.07.2019

The most wonderful experience. Thank you so much to you all.
I will be back.

Message from Jenny on 30.07.2019

Another great stay at Vila Mimosa and everything is the same, efficient, friendly, caring and fun! I will be back..Thank you all.

Message from Caroline on 30.07.2019

Thank you for a wonderful stay! Hope to see you again.
Best wishes

Message from Louise on 30.07.2019

Thank you to the wonderful team at Mimosa for your care, support, inspiration, attention to detail and unfailing good humour.
With best wishes.

Message from Jane on 05.07.2019

Well, what can I say! 10th visit and its been wonderful! I feel like its my first and very special. THANK YOU for looking after me so well! Each and everyone of you have been wonderful from housekeeping, treatments, kitchen and of course admin and office. You are the dream team. Can not wait for my next visit. THANK YOU AGAIN
Much love as always

Message from Joze & Dymphie on 09.06.2019

Thank you all so much for a great week!
We really enjoyed it.

Message from Barbara and Eva on 09.06.2019

Thank you for the incredible week and the great care. We had a fabulous time and we hope to meet again!

Message from Joelle on 09.06.2019

Thanks for a great week, I will go home feeling much rested and try not to undo all the good work too fast! See you again.

Message from Majella on 09.06.2019

Thank you for a lovely week and for my 5lb weight loss. This is my second visit here and I will definately be back again. Wonderful care and wonderful stall.

Message from Linda on 22.04.2019

Every aspect at Vila Mimosa was Wonderful! The team and kitchen personnel ensured we benefited from the envigorating walks, expert training, heavenly massages, treatments and delicious juices and meals - all in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. I am overjoyed leaving fitter, healthier and happier. Thank you everyone.

Message from Angela on 22.04.2019

Every aspect at Vila Mimosa was Wonderful! The team and kitchen personnel ensured we benefited from the envigorating walks, expert training, heavenly massages, treatments and delicious juices and meals - all in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. I am overjoyed leaving fitter, healthier and happier. Thank you everyone.

Message from Bill and Hayley on 22.04.2019

Mimosa is an exceptional experience! It has been a most interesting and informative week in the company of very nice guests and ever atentive staff. The treatments are excellent as are those that carry them out.
We have had a memorable week- learning so many things to help us live a healthier life. I loved the calm ambience of Mimosa . We will be back.

Message from Trudy on 17.03.2019

Fantastic week. Thank you to everyone, the team is amazing, and I appreciate you all. My best week yet. Have a great season and I may see you again next spring.

Message from Roz on 01.03.2019

Dear everyone,

It has been an excellent stay, your attention to detail is excepional.

Message from Jos? on 12.11.2018

Dear staff,

Thanks a lot for your professionalism, your attention, all the stretching, walking, eating, aquajogging, yoga, etc..
I enjoyed my stay a lot at Vila Mimosa!
And for sure I will come back.
And thanks to the nice group of ladies who were with me this week.

Kind regards

Message from Louise R on 23.08.2018

What can i say? This week has surpressed all my expectations. I feel physically, mentally and emotionally recharged. The villa is the paradise and the staff treat you like part of an extended family. Thank you!

Message from Edel on 27.07.2018

To the whole team,
Many thanks for a truly wonderful experience that i have gained so much from.
Looking forward to the future.

Message from Majella on 07.06.2018

I didn?t know what to expect as this is my first time to attend a detox centre. The experience has been wonderful! The beginning was very hard but I knew that would happen. At the end of this week I feel lighter, fitter and definately happier! Thank you all for being so kind and helpful!

Message from James on 07.06.2018

What a truly memorable experience. The staff have all been incredibly welcoming and informative; the villa is al lovely relaxing environment to be in ; and the programme felt like it worked wonders. I will certainly hope to come back again soon.Thank you for such a wonderful time.

Message from Hayley on 07.06.2018

Wonderful staff, amazing programme that makes a real difference, we are all leaving lighter both in mind and body. The attention to detail and care for us all has been exceptional.

Message from Michelle and Robert on 23.04.2018

First time being here had a most enjoyable experience. Thank you so much for all the advice , help and encouragment. Food and staff were excellent. Hopefully will be back.

Message from Patricia on 23.04.2018

Had a wonderful week, great inspiration. Love staff and group. Hope to see you again.

Message from Louise on 01.02.2018

Ridiculously happy after our meal out! Thank you lovely Mimosa team for another wonderful week where I lost 8 pounds and gave up smoking (again) :). You could all take bets on whether Ill be back next year doing the same thing!
A really gorgeous week, thanks to you all. xx

Message from Alexandra on 01.02.2018

Weve had a wonderful stay. We leave glowing, skinnier, fitter and happier. This place is magic. See you soon.

Message from Thomas on 01.02.2018

Thank you. I have had such an amazing time, been so relaxing and the staff have been great. Many thanks again, hope to see you soon.

Message from Jackie on 01.02.2018

Thank you so much for the lovely holiday. It was relaxing and healthy. Ultimately it urges you to change your lifestyle.

Message from Stella on 24.07.2017

I absolutely loved my time with you, I have never felt so relaxed or nurtured in my life! The food was delicious and I never once felt hungry and I loved the activities (which were all optional, so no pressure) It was a wonderful experience with wonderful people and I hope to come back as soon as I can.

Message from Magdalena on 14.04.2017

Dear Vila Mimosa team, I take this opportunity to once again thank you for a wonderful and relaxing time spent last week at Vila Mimosa!!! I appreciate the efforts, attention and care all Mimosa team members devoted to me and other guests: our bodies, minds and health, including healthy eating patterns. Special thanks to Marcia for her delicious vegan creations in the kitchen. As many other guests, I keep returning to Vila Mimosa and am already looking forward to see you all next year :-)

Message from Steve and Trudy on 06.04.2017

We thank you for an excellent stay at Vila Mimosa. Such a lovely place, with lovely friendly people. Beautiful location, and 5 star hospitality. The vegan diet was an issue for us, but overall did not spoil our enjoyment here. A happy and refreshing time!

Message from Jeroen on 13.03.2017

Thank you for a great week with nice facilities, warmhearted staff, and a well-organized programme. I feel fully de-stressed and a little lighter, exactly what I came for! Cheers

Message from Marga on 02.11.2016

I had a splendid time at Vila Mimosa! Really enjoyed getting re-Vitalised again. BIG THANKS to all of the team. Without you it would not have worked out that well.

Message from Bianca on 04.10.2016

A big THANK YOU for all the team, youve all been so very kind, its been a wonderful stay. Love to come back some day. Love

Message from Mir on 22.08.2016

Hi Vitalis-Team! I was so happy here Fooddelicious Fun sport stuff I love meeting you all! I really felt pampered and wish for myself to come back. So, see you All the best Keep well

Message from Yvonne on 22.08.2016

Thanks for everything, in Holland we have a saying which Ill translate: It feels like a warm bathcoming here. Take care, love

Message from Hanneke on 16.06.2016

Dear team, Thank you for all your loving care! Love

Message from Saskia on 07.04.2016

Bliss! Third time in Vila Mimosa and it was absolutely fantastic again . Thanks to the whole Mimosa team for everything! See you in a few months!

Message from Anna on 02.11.2015

Dear all! How can we say thank you when just a plain thank youis not enough. We had a wonderful two weeks. Your professionalism, support, and smiles helped us achieve our goal. We are truly grateful. Ciao

Message from Astrid on 29.09.2015

Thank you for a very inspiring week. I hope I can keep the good vibe. Its more than I expected. Everything was great: the with care prepared and delicious meals, the massages, the exercises and everybody else who helped making this week perfect. Hopefully till next year. Big hug for everybody.

Message from Rosie on 29.09.2015

Thank you for a great experience, beautiful place, lovely people and a fantastic programme. See you next year. xx

Message from Jane on 29.09.2015

Well, what can I say!...Ive had a fantastic time yet AGAIN. Lost 5 kilos, met beautiful people and been looked after by the best team ever! Thank you so much, all of you. xxxxxx p.s see you in 6 months

Message from Deb and Megan on 12.09.2015

Thank you for another amazing stay. see you all next time. Food was so good the best!

Message from Margarita on 12.09.2015

Again it was a fantatsic place to be, beautifull & kind & peacefull. Thanks for taking this with your passion & warmth. Never loose it. Peace till we meet again!

Message from Margaret on 12.09.2015

Thank you to the amazing team at Vila Mimosa. It is a beautiful place, i really enjoyed my stay. I am going home 2.6 kg lighter, hopefully on the path to a healthier lifestyle

Message from Ruth on 12.09.2015

Thank you so much for my 5.4 kg weight loss, i have had a fabulous time and learnt so much about nutrition. The walks were beautiful and although I found them difficult they were managable. The mild fasting food was delicious. I will be back again. i cant thank you enough.

Message from Jayne and Lynn on 12.09.2015

Thank you for a great experience, hope to see you all again

Message from Michelle on 03.08.2015

Lovely Mimosa Team, I had a blast! Just loved to be here and finding myself again! The deeptissue-massages were torture, but it certainly paid off!Thanks Charlotte and Monika, youre the best therapists in the world! Thanks Filipe &Celeste for the walks. Celeste & Clarissa, thanks for the good workouts@ bodyshape! Loved the zumba And Celeste, during my workouts I will remembre to keep a flat back. And thanks Astrid for the treatments and the insights you gave me! And the kitchen & cleaning staff....just amazing! will be back OBRIGADA!! xoxo

Message from Nana Odoi on 11.07.2015

Dear Vila Mimosa Team, I had an absolutely great stay (in April 2015) and I felt great and rejuvenated after the fasting. Vila Mimosa is a friendly and beautiful place that made me feel home and welcome. I very much enjoyed the morning walks, the various exercises on offer and the relaxation at the pool during the free time. I will definitely come back

Message from Sheela Hiremath on 10.04.2015

Thank you for such a wonderful stay, I enjoyed every minute of it. Very relaxing, wonderful food and Karen and the team are fantastic.

Message from Kindah on 06.04.2015

Dear all at Vila Mimosa, Thank you so much for the beautiful experience of staying here! Everyone is lovely, helpful, and welcoming and not over the top. The food is great and I really enjoyed this homey atmosphere. Will definately be back! Lots of love

Message from Eleanor on 23.02.2015

Thank you for taking such good care of us this week, I feel much sharper and healthier than I did seven days ago. It was hard work sometimes, but you always gave us loads of support when we needed it. I really think this has made a difference to how I think about food and myself. Thank you! xxx

Message from Tamara on 23.02.2015

Dear all, I am LOVING it! Thanks for everything Big hugs and kisses.

Message from Michele on 23.02.2015

This was my second time and still succesfull. Thank you very much and see you soon again. Ciao

Message from Saskia on 04.11.2014

Dear everyone, What a blessfull week! I truly enjoyed all the activities (especially the bike tour and the cliffwalk) and the way we got challenged during the exercises. The personal care by Vila Mimosas staff is amazing! Good vibes here.. I go back with a smile on my face, thinking about a great week with some great people I got to know. See you next time. Muito obrigada, Beijos.

Message from Judy on 19.08.2014

Thank you so much. This has been a holiday for body, mind and soul and will have a lasting effect. The whole team works so hard to make it right for guests and their caring approach fills the vila with love.

Message from Seven on 11.08.2014

Dear Wonderful Team at Vila Mimosa, Everyone that works here is wonderfully gifted in their field, very positive and have great energy. Thank you all for a most wonderful, magical and transformational expercience...one that I know I shall remember for the rest of my life. If you ever need anything do get in touch - it would be a pleasure to help in any way that adds either to the team or the business. Very much looking forward to the next time. Lots of love, light and great happiness to you all.

Message from Sigrid on 11.08.2014

To all wonderful people at Mimosa! Thank you so much for the wonderful time, fantastic service and great care! It was all I needed to recharge the battery. Definately will come back next year ( If I book early enough with all repeat guests you have) XXX

Message from Lesley and Jenny on 11.08.2014

Thank you so much for the best expercience I have ever had. I feel a diferente woman in more ways than one. You are all very professional, friendly and experienced in all we need to know. I have made a lovely friend which I will hope to keep for a very long time. Thank you to you all with great love.

Message from Debbie on 11.08.2014

A heart felt THANK YOU to the team at Vila Mimosa! Ive had a wonderful holiday, I feel energised, motivated and with restored self confidence - this is thanks to your kindness, positive energy and gentle encouragement - all rare in todays hectic world. Keep going and please do keep in touch. If ever visiting UK/Cambridge, please look me up! Mi casa, tu casa! With much love.

Message from Eloise on 31.07.2014

To all at Vila Mimosa, Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my dad over the last two weeks. I came feeling tired, unfit and very unhappy with my body and the way I was feeling. After only 11 days I feel like a different person. Not only do I feel energised and clean but I am starting to feel better in my own skin. This trip has given me the foundations to go home and continue to grow in energy, health and confidence. The entire team here are fantastic. Everyone of you will remain in my heart, you all made me feel at home and provided such a positive environment. Thank you all so, so, so much. I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything. I will be back! Many thanks! Much love.

Message from Yasmina on 31.07.2014

To all the amazing people at Vila Mimosa, I cant thank you enough for this wonderful week! Even though I felt quite unwell in the middle, I will definately be back!! I am amazed at how much better and happier I feel, thank you again. (And a special thankyou to Astrid for my incredible treatments)Lots of love, xxx

Message from Marliese on 31.07.2014

Goodbye Vila Mimosa! Another fantastic week. You are all such wonderful people - no wish too much - I will be back again! Many, many, many thanks and lots of love. You have a very good energy in Vila Mimosa

Message from Vince on 29.07.2014

Eli and I had a fantastic stay with you all - fasting is never easy but your friendliness and constant smiles and your energy kept us going! Our rooms where lovely, the housekeepers kept them spotless, the chef and kitchen staff made juicing as tasty as it can be We both felt very relaxed, everyone was always happy to help us with anything we needed. I really liked how all the staff worked so well together and always seemed happy to be here. Karen has a great team. I feel so much better as I leave then when I arrived!! Thank you guys!!

Message from Maraki on 22.07.2014

Dear Team Mimosa, What can I say?! THANK YOU! I arrived feeling tired, stressed and overweight and am leaving 2 weeks later feeling relaxed, energized and thinner! I would not have been able to achieve this without you all. I will see you again soon! xx

Message from Nienke on 22.07.2014

Dear Staff of Mimosa, What can I say, my energy level was a 4, now a 10. My body vital level was a 6 now a 10. My mind and spirit are alive again! And without you it could not have been possible! You as a team have created a very special place where you find only a lot of love and compassion. Almost angels...I think you are. I can not describe the gratefull feeling I have. So I say MUITO OBRIGADA! You have given me something very special, power to make the best out of life!

Message from Chris and Justine on 10.07.2014

Dear Team Vila Mimosa, We both thank you for a fantastic week. Our large group of 18 was a great fun group and forgetting the fastingit was like a jolly holiday. Fasting was a breeze - the juices and soups were superb, better than anywhere else weve been to. The villa is relaxed, supercleen and very cosy - the whole week has been a lovely experience - thank you for having such comfy beds, it makes all the difference when you need to have a good sleep. We love the combo of excercise and fasting - all the team have been amazing. Thank you for arranging the trips out, it was lovely to see more of the rea. We are so pleased to have found you and cant wait to come back. Thank you all.

Message from Simon on 10.07.2014

As the words in the song from Dirty Dancing go I had the time of my life. From the moment I arrived to my final 11th day, I had an amazing time. All the team were fantastic, friendly and very professional. Would recomend Vitalis Portugalto anyone. Love and best wishes.

Message from Helen on 18.06.2014

Dear all, once again, a super week! Thank you, X.

Message from Alexandra on 13.05.2014

Thanks again for a wonderful stay. I really enjoyed the food on the mildfast, treatments were great and the atmosphere is amazing, like a home away from home. My highlight this time was a one to one yoga session with Lisa. Awesome. More pure yoga options would be a positive improvement. See you again.

Message from Bonnie on 03.04.2014

Had a fantastic time. Thank you Karen and thank you everyone at the villa for making me so welcome. Thank you for your hospitality and for being so obliging! Also the house keeper was very conscientious in picking up after me and my absent minded mugs of tea.

Message from Camilla on 25.03.2014

I arrived at Vila Mimosa a week ago as an emotional and physical wreck! I am now departing feeling like superwoman! My heartfelt thanks goes to all the team, every single one of you has helped me achieve my goals and made my story here a wonderful experience. The attention to detail is impeccable. The nurturefactor is very strong and I love the fact that everyone feels very looked after. I leave now with inner strength, ready to face some real challenges when I get back home! So from now on its goodbye Homefield Grange and hello Vila Mimosa! Love

Message from Matt and Nuala on 25.03.2014

Fantastic venue Fantastic Team Fantastic attention to detail Fantastic Juices and Food We will be back

Message from Lorraine and Caroline on 25.03.2014

Just spent a week at Vila Mimosa. What a fantastic experience for a first time detox. A true home from home. Attention to detail is superb. Warm comfortable beds, lovely clean rooms, log fires. Particular thanks to Celeste for the morning stretch class, (although thanks also to the entire team for walks, aquajogging, yoga etc). Arrived hoping for a `SPRING CLEANwill go home feeling GREAT. Best wishes

Message from Perlie on 12.03.2014

What can I say? Suddenly there are words to describe one of the best weeks of my life. I wanted to leave here touching my toes and yes, I can!! Planning the return to the delicious food, exciting walks, bloody hard excercises and a wonderful choice of beauty treatments. xxx Thank you, gracias, obrigada, danke

Message from Nelsa on 06.01.2014

I very much enjoyed staying here at Vila Mimosa. It feels like I have rediscovered my inner-self again. The staff is amazing and makes all the difference! Thank you very much for everything! Gostei muito de estar aqui em Vila Mimosa! Foi bom matar as saudades de Portugal. Muito obrigado pela ajuda profissional e o carinho! Um abrao, Nelsa

Message from Helen on 06.01.2014

Here twice in 2013, speaks for itself!! Thanks to all of you for a great week!

Message from Stella on 05.11.2013

To everyone at Mimosa, thank you! This has been an amazing week - you are all so caring and kind. Everything is perfect. I have got my groove back! xxx

Message from Laura on 01.11.2013

Dear team of Mimosa, It was a very nice stay and a week, which gave me all the energy back. Wonderfull! I like all the sports, food and the positive vibe here. Thank you, kisses

Message from Audrey on 08.09.2013

This has been a fantastic 12 day experience. The staff rock, they do so much for you. I will definately return to Vila Mimosa. Thanks to you all! PS eat the goodies I left out of your 20% Debbie See you at the TT sometime Filipe + ride safely

Message from Michelle on 08.09.2013

Thank you all for an amazing experience here at Vila Mimosa!!! Filipe, Astrid, Debbie, Dasha, Clarissa, all are inspirations in their spirit enthousiasm. I walk away feeling healthier, fitter, more informed and ready to go forward in a healthier frame of mind. Best in the future to Karen and her lovely team, I look forward to seeing you all next year!

Message from Wai Fung on 27.08.2013

Dear Mimosa team, This week or two has exceeded expectations, the warmth and passion of the team is so infectious and really motivates me to make some changes back home, which is wat its about really. The juices and soups were amazing, look forward to my own creations! Thank you for a fabulous, relaxing and super fun time. All good wishes xxx

Message from Erna and Paul on 14.08.2013

Dear team, No long testimonials here, it is the experience that says all, so WE WILL BE BACK

Message from Helen on 03.07.2013

Lieve mensen, Thank you so much for a fantastic week. Everyone on the teams are so professional and personable. Will be sad to leave, but very happy to leave the kilos behind. Liefs

Message from Janice on 07.05.2013

Dear Karen and team, Thank you for a great week. I have got the kick start I desparately needed and I will see you again in the future much lighter! Keep the good work up. Regards

Message from Alda on 09.03.2013

It was only 3 days, but what a wonderful experience. Loved every minute and was not hungry at all. Thank you all who made the experience even better. The group was out of this world. Hope to be back.

Message from Andrew & Dagmar on 18.02.2013

Dearest Mimosa Team, what a pleasure it has been! Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, the attention, the good mood, the little surprises, the yummie juices, brilliant soups...cant stop the praise! Thank you so much, we will be back!

Message from Tasha on 07.01.2013

To Vila Mimosas team, I arrived here feeling fat, depressed and almost resigned to the prospect of feeling good again. In 7 days, you have transformed me! I have not smoked, which is amazing, I have lost weight, toned up and am feeling reenergised! I am ready to take on the world, and it is because of this team, and the kitchen team, you gave me life again. Thank you for the English translations, although the dutch speaking was fun too! Thank you for rescuingme Carli! Thank you for the good strong massages Astrid! And Clarissa, thank you for making me laugh! Karen, I wish you all the very best, and your husband, you are a fantastic couple and the world is your Oyster love from Ireland, untill I return-x

Message from Nigel & Anita on 05.12.2012

Thank you all very much for a wonderful week. Goals have been reached and information gathered. We are creatively challenged to continue at home! Lots of love and succes!

Message from Sandra on 15.07.2012

To all the staff and guests at Vila Mimosa, Thank you all for your hard work and making us so welcome. This week has been so different to all my other holidays, but has taught me there is an alternative way to live. Thanks to all the lovely guests that have been so considerate in making two English ladies so welcome. Love to you all

Message from Julia on 15.07.2012

Dear Karen and all the staff, Many thanks for a very enjoyable experience! Detox was new to me and has taught me a few things. It was a very different way to holiday and one to remember. The clientele you have are a very lovely group of people and made us very welcome by speaking in English and staff doing the exercises in English too. We wish you continued success with your business and a long and happy, healthy life in Portugal. Best wishes and muitos beijinhos xxxxx

Message from Philippa on 15.05.2012

To you all, what a great place to come for a week of relaxation, sleep and detox! I feel fantastic- thank you for looking after your first 2 English guests so kindly. Speaking and explaining everything in English. See you again. x

Message from Lucy on 15.05.2012

To all the team at Vila Mimosa, Thank you for a fantastic week here in your lovely villa. I feel rested, relaxed, toned and oh so healthy! The juices have been fantastic and your friendly team have made the week most enjoyable. Its been great to get out and about and enjoy the beach and sea and see the surrounding area. Youve made us feel really welcome and Ill definitely be recommending you to all my friends back in England. Thank you so much, xx

Message from Karin on 15.03.2007

It was great again. Thanks for a very pleasant stay, the heated jacuzi and pool. It is such a great team. Take care!


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