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Unwind completely

These days, we are exposed to toxic substances on a daily basis. They are abundantly present in our nutrition and in the environment and are therefore difficult to avoid. A regular sauna or steam bath can help further purge the body of excessive toxins. It also provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy positive thoughts.

Our brand-new spa is equipped with a Finnish sauna, a Turkish steam bath, an infrared sauna and a relaxation room.

Finnish sauna

The heat of a Finnish sauna helps your body rid itself of built-up toxins and heavy metals hidden under the skin by sweating and breathing. Exposure to high heat also creates an artificial fever. Fever stimulates the body’s natural healing process, thus allowing the immune system to produce more disease-fighting white blood cells and antibodies, which eliminate viruses and other pathogens.

Infrared sauna

The infrared heating system not only offers you the traditional benefits of a sauna, but also has additional advantages: it relaxes your muscle tissue, slows down the aging process and helps reduce cellulite.

Turkish steam bath

The Turkish steam bath is perfect for soothing your respiratory system and, like the Finnish sauna, is a form of relaxation combined with body cleansing. When we add eucalyptus to the steam bath, its effects are not only beneficial but also highly refreshing.
The steam bath is damp and the temperature is lower than in a sauna. In a Turkish steam bath, your skin is washed clean thanks to the dampness, so you will leave feeling soft and clean. Do you suffer from a cold, coughs or hoarseness? Make sure you give our steam bath a try. It is known to reduce mucus production.

Your health is in reliable hands!

Vila Mimosa has a wide range of massages, such as a Swedish massage that only involves hand movements. Book a massage and enjoy the soft brushing, the rhythmical percussion or the kneading of the body. This technique stimulates the blood flow, eliminates toxins and improves the metabolism. The result: a total relaxation of your body.

Besides the Swedish massage, Vila Mimosa also offers several other types of massage: Indian head massage, foot reflexology, emotional detox massage, ... Please let us know your preferences.

Lymphatic drainage for heavy legs

Have you already tried lymphatic drainage? By stimulating the lymphatic system and moisture drainage of the body, this massage technology eliminates toxins and waste from the muscle tissue. In our programme, we provide two lymphatic drainages. Heavy legs will be history! The drainage also helps counteract the causes of cellulite.

Try colonic irrigation

A colon detox from time to time is beneficial - it draws out harmful elements such as food remnants and waste left in the bowel. A colon detox generally cleans the last part of the large intestine. Vila Mimosa offers this colonic irrigation as an option.

• Do you prefer an intensive large intestine cleanse? Opt for a colonic hydrotherapy treatment. Due to the low pressure of the water, it reaches the entire large intestine. The hard crusts and lumps that have attached to your intestinal tract over the years are a source of self-poisoning. The intention is to soften them with water and to pull them out. There are also specialized centres in the Netherlands, such as Health Centre Santura.

Long live the liver pack

To boost the removal of liver toxins, there are hot water bottles available for our guests after the evening soup. Place the hot water bottle on the right side of the abdomen while resting, to detoxify the liver.

Green Clay Face Mask

Why don’t you try our Green Clay Face Mask during your stay? It is included, so don’t hesitate to experiment. The mask stimulates cell renewal, cleanses the skin and helps the body get rid of toxins. In addition, it also stimulates the blood flow.

Detox body wrap

At Vila Mimosa, we offer detox body wraps. Green tea and ginger give this wrap its detoxifying and purifying properties. You might prefer a B-natural body wrap, a cosmetically firming treatment that intensely hydrates your skin.

Beauty treatments

Our beauty specialist can offer you a facial treatment, a manicure or a pedicure. She will tell you everything you want to know about the treatments and about Vila Mimosa (in English).

Balance trough osteopathy

Osteopathy is all about finding that necessary balance between body and mind. It is a soft cure that treats the whole human being. The osteopath will manually search for a possible cause of the complaint you experience. Our osteopath looks at the movement ability of all internal systems and detects movement restrictions that may be related to your complaint.


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