Tested: 5 x apps to relax

Does your stress level sometimes go in all directions? If a simple breathing exercise or cup of tea does not allow you to relax enough, it might be a good idea to try out an app. We already tested 5!

Mindfulness Bell

Shifting the focus of your mindset to the here and now? You do that by doing mindfulness. The app “Mindfulness Bell” gives you a reminder per specific or self-selected interval using a Tibetan bell. This way you know perfectly when it is time to relax. Be careful when you close the app! Don’t wipe it away from your screen, keep it running in the background. Double check that your sound is loud enough.


Whether you are looking for a handy tool to meditate, sleep or just really relax, the app “Calm” can help you. Through a 7-day program, you’ll efficiently learn to relax your mind and body faster and better (with or without the help of a calming app background track).

Relax Melodies

Troubles in (sleep) paradise? The app “Relax Melodies” can help you to get those much needed hours of sleep. How it works? You choose sounds and melodies that you would like to mix (you can even adjust the volume individually), lie down and fall asleep. Take it from us: make sure to set an alarm in the morning!


MindMeister can help you when it is often a mess in your head. By organizing and recording your thoughts, you can work a lot more productively (and quieter!). The app gives you the opportunity to “mind map” various to-do’s or stimuli in your brain and thus display a better overview. The use of themes, styles, colors and icons provides an even better overview.

Simple Habit

“I’m too busy to meditate” … No more excuses with the “Simple Habit” app! In just 5 minutes you tackle your stress level and you are relaxed again. For each category (“a bad day” for example) you choose how many minutes the session can last and off you go!

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