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How to find your sleep rhythm

Keeping your biological clock healthy, it’s not so obvious these days. Especially for those who have to work from home, finding a routine is often a difficult task. With these tips you will find your sleep and daily rhythm back!

Don’t stay in bed for too long

That meeting in the morning may not be able to take place then, but it is important to jump out of bed (more or less) at the same time to arrange your internal clock. Is it difficult to determine exactly when to crawl under the wool? Then make a diagram of the number of hours you actually sleep and calculate the average. Try to continue your rhythm when you’ve found it! At work there’s no time for a nap (and let’s face it, it might look a little strange), so don’t do this at home either.

Expose your body to (bright) light

Our internal clock can be operated by the light outside itself determine when to go into rest mode and when to become alert sharpened. Sleep with your curtains open and make sure there is enough bright sunlight that can go inside to activate your body. The opposite is possible to apply in the evening! Leave all digital gadgets aside and darken your room.

Eat according to a regular schedule

Having a nice chat with colleagues during your lunch break… We don’t have much use for that at the moment. In order to restore (and maintain) your rhythm, it is important to have a bite to eat at fixed times. Make your breakfast, lunch and dinner a daily habit at a fixed hour, so your body knows when to digest. Tip: limit your caffeine intake so as not to disturb your internal clock even more.

Eat the right things

Not only when you eat, also what you eat can be a have a positive influence on your internal clock. Sour cherries, nuts and seeds, fish, bananas, spinach, kale, soy and fiber produce melatonin (aka the sleep hormone) so you sleep healthier.  

Help your body

Fortunately, there are all kinds of tools to make your body dream faster. A sleep mask, essential oil, sleep apps or earplugs can improve your sleep. A natural supplement can also give your biorhythm a boost.

Rather start from 0? With this step-by-step plan you reset your sleep deprivation!

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