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FAQ: Why is infrared sauna so healthy?

Support your detox at Vila Mimosa? Then plan a visit to our infrared cabin! We will tell you how it works and why it is so healthy.

How does it work?

An infrared cabin uses heat emitters to keep the heat to transfer to your body. Within minutes the cabin is already delicious warm, as opposed to a classic sauna that takes half an hour to relax. needs time to warm up. The temperature is between 49 and 59 degrees (so you won’t sweat like you would in a classic sauna). The infrared rays warm up your body from the inside out, so that your body can work on its own!

The advantages

Put a visit to the infrared cabin on your to-do list! Why’s that?

  • The sweating out of toxins is stimulated.
  • Infrared is healthy for the cardiovascular system.
  • It penetrates deep into the muscles, relieving muscle pain and arthritis.
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are easily regulated.
  • The cosy warmth helps you relax more quickly.

Infrared @ Vila Mimosa

Each guest is entitled to 2 x 15 minutes in the infrared cabin, divided by a schematic. The first session will be someone from the staff come to explain and supervise everything. The second session is for the staff member just ready to turn on the infrared, the right settings ready to use. …to keep it clean… Enjoy!

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