How to make the perfect cup of coffee with a percolator

The favourite drink of night owls also turns out to have a lot of health benefits. Coffee boosts your metabolism, cleans your liver, contains numerous nutrients, protects your brain function… How to add extra strength to the healthy power of coffee? Then use a percolator to drink the perfect cup of slow coffee.


It sounds very vintage, and actually it is. A percolator consists of a water tank, filter, filter plate with ring and the jug itself. All you need is a heat source, water and ground coffee. For example, we chose NoordCode’s organic coffee beans without harmful fungi, toxic residues of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, artificial flavourings or colourings or preservatives. With the help of steam pressure you get tasty, healthier slow coffee. Patience is key!

Step-by-step plan: anyone can do it

Step 1: fill the reservoir with water

The lower part should be filled with water up to the safety valve (usually you will see a line on the inside of the percolator). Once the water tank is filled, put the filter back on top of the tank.

Step 2: Fill the filter with freshly ground coffee

Next step: freshly ground coffee! Grind your coffee yourself how coarse or fine you want your beans. The filter of the percolator should be filled with beans up to the rim. Smooth the top of the filter or shake a few times until the whole surface is smooth. Make sure that enough water can pass through it! Otherwise you increase the chance that the percolator is under too much pressure and gives your coffee a bitter taste. Tip: lightly roasted, medium coarsely ground beans are perfect for this coffee brewing technique.

Step 3: put the percolator on a heat source

Next: put the percolator on a moderate fire and stand by to prevent overheating. You can choose between aluminium or stainless steel percolators. Attention: aluminium percolators are only suitable for gas fires!

Step 4: let the coffee slip through

The key word in slow coffee is ‘trickle down’! Let’s describe exactly what’s going on inside your percolator. First, water vapor will come out of the hollow tube. Bubbles appear and the percolator makes a bubbling sound. The slow coffee runs along the hollow tube in the pouring part. The coffee starts to run and bubbles appear again. As soon as there is no more coffee in the jug and the simmering stops, your cup of coffee is ready.   

Step 5: pouring out

Time to pour out! The turbidity of your coffee is completely normal, this is due to the steam pressure. Be careful when lifting the percolator, it can get very hot. Pour the coffee immediately, this way the nutrients will be retained longer. Enjoy!

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