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Coffee healthy? Yes! But…

Does your day always start with a cup of coffee as standard? Many see coffee as a kind of guilty pleasure during busy days, but actually it’s not that unhealthy at all. We’ll tell you why coffee can be healthy!

4 X reasons why coffee is healthy

Coffee boosts your metabolism

Do you want to lose some weight? Coffee can help you with that. Caffeine allows your metabolism to increase by up to 11%, allowing your body to burn extra calories. Burning fat is another matter. The caffeine in your cup of coffee can increase fat burning by up to 29%.

You get more energy and maximum focus

Fervent coffee lovers often give ‘more energy’ as the main reason to drink the black stuff. The caffeine in coffee is absorbed into your bloodstream after just four minutes. The substance blocks adenosine, allowing norepinephrine and dopamine to do their energetic work. Your brain can also use coffee from time to time. It improves your memory, reaction speed, alertness and mood!

It is packed with healthy nutrients

You might not think so, but coffee is full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. To sum up: vitamins B2, B5, B1, B3, potassium, manganese, magnesium, folic acid and phosphorus are among the powerhouses of a cup of coffee.

Coffee can protect your body

Scientific research proves that one to three cups of coffee a day can significantly reduce the risk of Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. People with a fatty liver who start drinking more coffee noticed that their liver values improved. So the risk of irreversible liver cirrhosis is lower! Last but not least, a population study shows that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop bowel cancer.

Drink in moderation!

We would like to emphasize that we are talking about drinking coffee in moderation, one or two cups per day is the maximum. This way you won’t get a rushed feeling, insomnia, palpitations, high blood pressure, trembling hands or dizziness.

Two important things about healthy coffee

Choose organic

Not every cup of coffee is the same! There is a difference between non-organic coffee and organic coffee beans. Organic contains no toxic residues of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, artificial flavors or colorants or preservatives. Non-organic can cause troublesome side effects faster and reduces the absorption of iron from your diet.

No fungi in your coffee

Non-organic coffee contains Ochratoxin, a type of fungus that can cause numerous health problems. Among other things, it increases the risk of neurological damage, hypertension, kidney failure and problems with your cardiovascular system.

In Vila Mimosa we opted for NoordCode coffee, a Dutch company with an eye for the well-being of the planet. Both taste and non-toxic agriculture are of paramount importance in the production. The 100% Arabica beans, from one specific area in Brazil, provide a balanced (and mould-free) coffee with optimal acidity and health benefits. Want to make your cup of coffee even healthier? Then add a tablespoon of MCT oil. MCTs are medium fatty acids obtained from coconut, palm kernel or rapeseed oil. The pure, tasteless and odourless oil provides fast (healthy!) energy. It fits perfectly within your ketogenic diet and provides your body with good fats. Hello undisturbed concentration!

Slow coffee: what does it mean?

Use a percolator to make your organic, mould-free coffee (see image at the bottom of the blogpost). This way you get ‘Slow coffee’. Slow coffee is not just the latest barista term, there’s a reason why this slow process of making coffee contributes to the perfect cup. In this case, the taste experience wins over the speed. The taste is fuller and more refined, and the benefits of organic coffee are better appreciated.

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