Bye bye winter dip!

Does the lack of sunshine affect your mood and motivation? With these practical tips, you’ll never suffer from that typical winter dip again!

Let your body work

Rather hang out on the couch than an intensive sports session? We get it. Still, it’s important to keep your body working, even during the coldest months of the year. Block some time in your busy schedule to enjoy a workout in the open air.

Enjoy the fresh (outdoor) air

No matter how cold it is, fresh outdoor air does wonders for your mood and physical health. The first light of the day consists for the most part of ‘blue light’ that wakes your internal clock.

The less stress, the better

Sick quickly during stressful periods (aka busy Christmas shopping or deadlines just before your holiday)? The more you suffer from stress, the more vulnerable your body is to the negative influence of external factors. So try to keep your stress level as low as possible, both psychologically and physically.

The sun in your body

In winter, our body takes in less vitamin D because the sun just shows itself less often. So it certainly can’t do any harm to provide your body with sunrays in additive form!

Eat healthy

Nuts, low-fat proteins and fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit full of antioxidants provide some variety during the typical autumn dinners.

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