Deacidification for beginners

De-what? Deacidify! This simple method of detoxing is becoming increasingly popular. What exactly is it and why should you also boost your pH? Read on!

How to get started

Deacidification sounds a lot harder than it actually is. You can regulate the acidity in your body simply by using more vegetables, fruit and fresh herbs in your meals. Simple, isn’t it?

What exactly is it good for?

Unhealthy nutrition, a non-active lifestyle and contamination of our soils can cause serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies. By deacidifying, you provide your body with natural supplementation.
What else? When your body is too acidic, it can cause all kinds of annoying health problems. Your cells don’t work as well, minerals and vitamins are consumed too fast as bases, your energy level is on a low…
Deacidification is just healthy for your body. Period! When you pay close attention to your diet, you effortlessly take in extra fibre, anti-inflammatory drugs and antioxidants that protect your resistance against harmful factors.