Seven tips to get your morning off to a good start

Do you suffer from a morning mood and really don’t feel like starting your (work) day? From your favorite breakfast to a few minutes of mindfulness, with these simple tips you can start the morning as positive as possible!

Get a breath of fresh air

Really allow the morning into your body and mind? Open a window or door and get some fresh air. Take a few deep breaths in and out to wake up your body to the fresh (cold) air.

Frame your day

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday or a busy workday, write down at least two things every morning that you want to achieve during the day. Don’t be too strict with yourself, but ‘drinking a glass of water’ is of course a little too simple.

Make sure you have something to look forward to

No matter how unimportant this day may seem to you, make sure you always (yes, always) have something to look forward to. A cozy dinner with friends, a big sports session after your workday or some me-time with a nice movie makes it worthwhile to get up.

Start your day with a dose of sports

Getting up half an hour early is all you have to do to start your morning with a sports session. A round of jogging, cycling or going to the gym extra early will give you energy for the whole day.

Count your blessings

The key to a happy morning? Gratitude! When you get up, count everything you’re grateful for and write it down. When you suffer from a dip, you can immediately look at your list.

Practice some mindfulness

Goodbye hectic mornings, hello mindfulness! Try to put every possible thought out of your head and focus on everything you hear instead of what you think.

Make your favorite breakfast

Really make time for breakfast and get your day off to a good start. Chiapudding, oatmeal or a fresh fruit salad, get up ten minutes early to enjoy your first meal of the day.

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