Health trend under the microscope: intermittent drinking

Intermittent fasting, we’ve all heard of that by now. Relatively new in the health business: intermittent drinking. What exactly does this mean and is it actually healthy? We figured it out!

What should we understand by ‘intermittent drinking’?

Just like intermittent fasting, you’re working according to the clock here. At certain times of the day you are allowed to drink. Start this process slowly and don’t make the periods in which you don’t drink longer than five hours. Scientists who support this method start from the idea ‘our body is not made to eat continuously, so why drink continuously? Tip: suffer from headaches or concentration problems? Then don’t hesitate and take a sip of water as soon as possible. Every body reacts differently to this method.

The results on your health

The results of intermittent drinking are almost as significant as those of fasting. A sudden supply of water allows your body to absorb various vitamins and minerals better because your body flushes. Research has shown that this method reduces stress, reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system and has positive effects on your cardiovascular system.

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